UK Women’s Soccer Dominates EKU 3-1

The Kentucky Soccer team clinched its first win of the season, and it was in dominating fashion. For the first time since the Windell & Vickie Soccer complex has been open, the attendance for a home opener was 1,200+. The third game of the Ian Carry Era proved to be the fist win, and after the game Kentucky AD Mitch Barnhart congratulated him with the game ball and stated “This is one of many to come” Kentucky wore new Light grey uniforms that also gradually became white the farther down they went. Personally, I love these “Nike White Out Uniforms” and they remind me of the 2014 Basketball uniforms because the KENTUCKY lettering on those uniforms was white on white as well. The scoring  got started in the 13th minute when Senior Midfielder Foster Ignoffo stole the ball from EKU and beat out the goalie to an easy near post goal. The UK offense came out ready to attack after half time and scored in the 49th minute. Freshman Eva Mitchell passed to Senior Katy Keen and provided a scoring opportunity to fellow Senior Tanya Samarzich, and she kicked in the goal in the Top of the far post. The final UK score came in the 67th minute when Miranda Jimenez drew in the EKU defense by the far corner then punted the ball to Tanya Samarzich. She then slid with the soft touch, which allowed the ball to be directly behind the keeper. This was Samarzich’s first brace of the season. After Kentucky led by three, Coach Carry subbed in many of the underclassmen to ensure that they had real game experiences, which may help in the future. This was a quality game for Kentucky, and provides a solid basis for the coming games. I can tell that UK soccer has improved tremendously and is getting better. the starting XI were Eva Mitchell, Tanya Samarzich, Foster Ignoffo, Hollie Olding, Katy Keen, Payton Adkins, Kelly Novak, Gina Crosseti, Evangeline Soucie, Sophie Stewart-Hobbs, and Yuuka Kurosaki. I can not wait to watch how they progress throughout the course of the season!

The next game for Kentucky is this Sunday at the Bell Soccer Complex vs. Wyoming at 1 PM EST. Come out and support the team, because they look to go .500 for the first time in 13 months! Wyoming’s only loss came to a great Baylor team, which found the golden goal in 2 OT’s.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow @UkWomensSoccer and @ukfansallday on Twitter! Have a great day and God Bless!!! Check out the uniforms, they look great. Currently, I can’t upload any pictures on here. Sorry again!

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