Rj Barrett releases his official visit dates; plans to commit early


One month of being in the Class of 2018 and Rj Barrett is ready to get the ball rolling. He announced in his latest blog that he will take five official visits.

Here is what he said in his latest blog post:

First off, I want to give you guys the dates for my upcoming official visits: Kentucky next weekend Sept. 1-3, Duke Sept. 15-17, Arizona Sept. 21-23, Oregon Sept. 23-25 and Michigan Sept. 29-Oct. 1.

I think Kentucky is in a good position with getting the first visit. It’s always great to get the first or last one.

Another plus is that he plans on signing early just after his visits.

I’m really focusing on this process and getting my visits in right now because I don’t want to prolong anything because I know the teams, coaches and their style of play. That’s why I’ve got the visits back-to-back like this because I want to have a decision by November. I plan on signing during the Early Signing Period.

Go Cats!

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