Kentucky soccer outlast Wyoming 2-1 in 2 OT


On Sunday, Kentucky women’s Soccer team beat Wyoming in an instant classic. With the score being 2-1, Kentucky has proved that they now know how to win-and it comes at a great time. The game started with an uptempo, fast paced, and offensive minded UK team, who had many opportunities. The scoring started in the 27th minute, when Wyoming fouled a UK forward got fouled, and Yuuka Kurosaki took the Penalty Kick. She faked left, and then shot left over the Wyoming keeper. After Wyoming equalized in the 77th minute off of a deep, punt style kick over the head of Evangeline Soucie, the Kentucky keeper. From there, both teams dug deep and exempted a sense of urgency. The crowd got into the game, and got very loud after regulation. For another 25 minutes, Kentucky had multiple opportunities, but couldn’t capitalize. Then, the opportunity arose. In the 103rd minute, Eva Mitchell passed the ball to Senior Tanya Samarzich who kicked the ball in the top right post to secure the Kentucky win. The crowd went insane. Best of all, the team is starting to build confidence. Kentucky wore the new blue Kentucky uniforms with white and blue checkers around the name. The coaching staff is starting to discover what fits their style of play. From an outsider looking in, it seems like the team has bought into Carry’s idea, and is looking for a memorable season. The starting XI for the game was Evangeline Soucie, Yuuko Kurosaki, Tanya Samarzich, Kelly Novak, Peyton Atkins, Eva Mitchell, Gina Crosetti, Katy Keen, Hollie Olding, Sophie Stewart-Hobbs, and Foster Ignoffo. After two solid performances over the weekend, Kentucky looks forward to Louisville at home on Friday at 7:30. Louisville is coming off a 2-0 loss to Marquette at home, while Kentucky lost 2-1 on the road. Last time the Cats and Cards met, Kentucky came out on the winning end, 3-1. This year, the game is at home in front of the BBN. It is a Blue Out, so come out and support your Cats! It will be a very close game that may have postseason stakes on the line.


Thanks again for reading and don’t forget to follow @UkWomensSoccer and @Ukfansallday on twitter! God Bless!

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