Louisville now running off former players

Just when you thought things at little brothers place down the road couldn’t get any worse, they did. With everything going on with the appeal and investigation, Louisville now wants nothing to do with former players Montrezl Harrell and Chane Behanan. They were key pieces to their 2013 national championship team which in turn makes them part of the scandal.

The boys tried to go back and work out at the Louisville facitilies and they were denied. Harrell took to Instagram to tell us all about it:

 “Just tried get some run wit some old UL men’s basketball and they told me I couldn’t be in gym…. What a joke.” Harrell wrote on Instagram

Montrezl Harrell Instagram

Then Chane Behanan took to Facebook to also tell us he was banned:

Chane Behanan Facebook

Here’s what Behanan told Courier Journal:

“That’s the word I’ve got myself,” Behanan said. “I’m not allowed in the facilities. I don’t know why.”

Now according to a source, Harrell was banned because he wouldn’t speak with the NCAA about the scandal but there was no mention of Behanan.

A source with knowledge of the situation and who could not speak publicly about it said Harrell has been disassociated from the program after his refusal to meet with NCAA investigators during the infractions inquiry into U of L’s men’s basketball program

What a crazy couple of months for little brother. It doesn’t sound so much like a brotherhood/family now. I completely understand that Louisville wants to keep the negativity away from the program but Pitino is still there and banning players won’t help.

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