John Wall compares Zion Williamson to Vince Carter

Max Preps

John Wall has had a very busy offseason, most notably signing a 4-year, $170 million deal extension with the Washington Wizards. Recently in an interview with, it was noted Wall was named with the best high school mix tape of all-time. a question was then raised about Kentucky recruit Zion Williamson and his incredible highlight reels. Wall calls him “one of the top two or three most athletic players I’ve ever seen in high school basketball, period. Or in life, period.” He goes on to rave about his in-game dunking abilities, saying, “He just does all type of dunks like it’s nothing in-game. The best in-game dunker that I’ve seen since Vince Carter, and he does some stuff that [Vince] does in a game without even trying.”

That is high praise coming from one of the most athletic players in the league today, especially putting that on a high school recruit. Williamson, along with R.J. Barrett, are John Calipari’s highest priorities in the class of 2018, with the two being ranked #1 and #2 in their class, respectively, according to ESPN. Many writers on 247 Sports switched their picks from Kentucky to Kansas in recent weeks, but most indications suggest the Cats are still in the lead for the social media sensation. If it were my choosing, I would take Williamson before Barrett, just because of the brand he could bring to Kentucky. everyone knows him for his highlights alone, and to be able to bring that big of a superstar to Lexington would be a huge get for Cal and the Cats.

But, we’ll take them both if Cal can get it done.

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