Football: Win/Loss Predictions

(image courtesy of UK Athletics)

Tomorrow is the first day of the 2017 UK football season! I’ve been holding awhile but now that the season starts tomorrow, it’s time I predict.

at Southern Miss

This game will be close in the first half no doubt. I believe in the second half the cats take over and win by a pretty good amount.     

Prediction: Win

vs Eastern Kentucky

This game shouldn’t be an issue, moving on.

Prediction: Win

at South Carolina

The Cats have had their way with the Gamecocks over the past three years and I think that continues this season. Kentucky pulls it out in a close one

Prediction: Win

vs Florida

End the streak! This environment will be crazy and helps Kentucky get the win in a nail biter!

Prediction: Win

vs Eastern Michigan

Is this even a question? Cats win in a blowout.

Prediction: Win

vs Missouri

This game could turn into a shootout with Mizzou’s high powered offense and less than stellar defense. Cats pull it out at home.

Prediction: Win

Bye Week

6-0 baby!!!

at Mississippi State

Cats come out rusty after the bye week and the Bulldogs get their revenge. Mississippi State takes it in a close one. 

Prediction: Loss

vs Tennessee 

I honestly think Tennessee will underachive this season. Kentucky takes it by 10+.

Prediction: Win

vs Ole Miss

This team scares me knowing they can’t make a bowl game and Shea Patterson at QB. In my winning percentage article I said the cats would win but after more thought, I’m making this my wildcard game meaning it will go either way.

Prediction: Wildcard

at Vanderbilt

This game scares people but Nashville doesn’t indimidate me. Cats win handily.

Prediction: Win

at Georgia

This is by far the toughest game of the season. I don’t think UK has the firepower yet to win between the hedges. 

Prediction: Loss

vs Louisville

Last year was not a fluke. The fans and players are motivated to beat the dirty birds two years in a row and get it done!

Prediction: Win

I predict this season to be very successful for Kentucky as Stoops continues to build the program up. I see the cats going 8-4 or 9-3 based on if we win or lose the wildcard game (Ole Miss). As for the bowl game, I’ll predict that when we find out where we’re going. Don’t forget to follow @ukfansallday on Twitter and Facebook! Go cats!

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