Big Blue Nation Travels


(Photo credits to the Lexington Herald Leader)

As I was watching the game Saturday, there were a lot of things that stood out to me but one of those was the fact that Kentucky had quite a bit of fan support in Hattiesburg, Mississippi yesterday. I’ve always known that the Big Blue Nation travels far and wide for our beloved Cats during basketball season but to see such a good turn out for our football program at a stadium that is almost 9 hours south of Lexington was mind-blowing. On several occasions and especially on the last couple drives of the game you could hear fans chanting “Defense” and “Go Big Blue”. I’m sorry, but no other fans do that. Our fan base is something special and yesterday proved that for me. John Calipari put it best when he called us crazy and he’s right, we’re definitely crazy about our Wildcats and we’re not ashamed to admit that. I’m excited to see the turn out next weekend for the home opener at Kroger Field and I hope to see all of you Big Blue faithful out there as well!

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Go Big Blue!

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