Take aways from the Southern Miss game. 

Kentucky comes out with a sloppy 24-17 win. Here is what I noticed while I watched the game. 

1st Half Take Aways.

1.Punter was looking amazing.

2. Linebackers looked phenomenal

3. Defense looked strong. 

4. Defense had a lot of young pups roatationg in.

5.  Pass game is still questionable.

6. Fumbles

2nd Half Take Aways 

1. Offense was not giving the defense a break. 

2. Defense started to get sloppy, started to see a lot of miss tackles.

3. DBs started to get beat. 

4. Got lucky and Sourthen Miss coughed up the ball a few times.

5. Defense found a way to win the game. 

Overall Take Aways

1. Special Teams Looked fantastic. 

2. Defense looked very improved

3. Cj Conrad is going to be important in our offense. 

4. Injuries 

5. Offense needs to capitalize and score more points on drives.  

6. Need to get the pass game going so we can open the run game back. 

7. Quiet day for the offense.

Key Players 

1. Cj Conrad (TE)

2. Denzil Ware (DE)

3. Matt Elam (NT)

4. Matt Panton (P)

5. Joshua Paschal (LB)

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