Marvin Bagley cleared to play at Duke

Photo credit to Sports Illustrated 
by J.R. Simpson 

According to various media outlets, Marvin Bagley has been cleared by the NCAA Eligibility Center to reclassify and play for Duke University this season. Because…it’s Duke. Had this been a player trying to be declared eligible for Coach Cal and the Kentucky Wildcats, the NCAA would have had to “do their due diligence” and MIGHT have cleared him by Tuesday, April 3, 2018, or one day after the Final Four ends. Don’t get me wrong, Coach Krensndufofmensjzk can recruit very well, but the hypocrisy that the NCAA continues to show regarding Duke and UNC as opposed to the rest of the college basketball world, Kentucky in particular, is egregious and unforgivable. This young man has been to three high schools in three years and was ruled ineligible his junior year by the California Interscholastic Federation. But, because he is a Duke recruit and Coach Krensndufofmensjzk says he is a good kid, he is eligible to not only play, but reclassify. Give me a break.

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