Week 2 Helmet Stickers

Here are the players that stepped up and earned helmet stickers for the week two win over Eastern Kentucky:

1: Stephen Johnson

After the coaching staff tried to shake things up by putting Drew Barker in the game, Johnson stepped up and had a game when he got back in. He went 15 of 22 for 224 yards and a touchdown, while running 6 times for 48 yards and a touchdown. Not only winning the game, but putting a hush on the segment of fans wanting Barker to be the quarterback. Including the bowl game, Johnson is now 9-4 as the starting quarterback at Kentucky. 

2: Blake Bone

After spending most of his career being the guy we wondered why he wasn’t a star player, today he was that star. He had three huge catches for 93 yards, all coming when they were needed most. Bone made plays today and hopefully this will springboard him to be the replacement for Dorian Baker, who is out for the year. 

3: Benny Snell Jr

After not much of a running game last week and the first half of this one, Benny blew up the second half. He has 19 carries for 103 yards and a touchdown. 100 of those yards and the touchdown came in the second half when Kentucky was fighting back from a 13-10 halftime deficient. Like Johnson, Snell Jr stepped up in the second half when needed the most.

4: Darius West

Like in week one, Darius West was a tackling machine. West had 11 tackles today, leading the team in that statistic for the game. West has put back to back games together and showing why Stoops was so high on him when he arrived at Kentucky. 

Honorable mention

1: Austin MacGinnis

MacGinnis was 2 out of 3 on field goals and 3 of 3 on extra points, for a total of 9 points on the game. 

2: The Defensive Line

Like last week, they stepped up again. EKU only had 62 yards on 20 attempts for a 3.1 average. The unit has played really well through the first two games. 

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