9/11 – Let Us Never Forget

Photo credit to Wikipedia

By J.R. Simpson 

 While this is a University of Kentucky sports fan site, I want to take a brief moment to remember the solemnity of this day. Today marks the 16th anniversary of the most deadly attack on American soil. On this day, September 11, 2001, multiple attacks were launched on America at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Were it not for many brave men and women aboard United Flight 93, a fourth target, likely the White House, would have been hit. This attack was very different from the attack on Pearl Harbor almost 70 years prior, in that the Japanese attacked a military base with military forces. This attack was perpetrated by Middle Eastern men who looked like everyday airline passengers and used the planes they had boarded to launch an assault on civilians that claimed 2,978 lives.

 While we still have men and women overseas, still fighting this enemy 16 years later, let us not forget why they are there. Regardless of your political leanings or ideology, let us never forget the almost 3,000 lives that were lost on 9/11/2001 and let us never take for granted the men and women who sacrifice their lives to fight, sometimes to the death, the enemy who would see us wiped from the face of the Earth. Let us pray for our Armed Forces and for our country’s leadership, that we may continue to fight for freedom and democracy and that we may eventually bring home our brave men and women who choose to serve those of us who live in this great country. God Bless America!


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