Football: Ukfansallday’s Writer Predictions for Kentucky vs. South Carolina

(image courtesy of Alex Otte of the Glasgow Daily Times)

Wake up BBN it’s gameday! Tonight Kentucky opens up SEC play with a tough game at South Carolina in Williams-Brice Stadium. There are many different opinions on how the game is going to turn out with how evenly matched these teams are. I asked some of the writers here on about their thoughts on the game and here’s what they said!

Braden Nevius (Me)

Last week it was obvious that the offense is best run under Stephen Johnson. South Carolina’s rush defense is one of the worst in the SEC so I think you’ll see a whole lost Benny Snell, Sihiem King, and Lynn Bowden (possibly AJ Rose too). South Carolina’s rushing attack isn’t that great either and early on Kentucky has shown their rush defense has very much improved as they held both Southern Miss and Eastern Kentucky to under 100 yards rushing. Kentucky proves they can be an east contender and wins by double digits.

Prediction: Kentucky wins 31-20

Jacob Deaton

 I think that the run defense will hurt South Carolina and Benny Snell will have a successful game along with Stephen Johnson allowing himself to stretch the field like he did in the second half against EKU.

Prediction: Kentucky wins 34-31

J.R. Simpson

I think that USC’s poor run defense allows Benny Snell to go off. Think 150 & 2 TD’s. Lynn Bowden in the wildcat in the red zone for the other. Automatic Austin adds the FG for our point total.
Prediction: Kentucky wins 24-20

Janson Hoskins

I believe that Benny Snell is due a breakout game and will run all over the USC defense. I also believe that Stephen Johnson will throw the long ball a couple of times for big gains.

Prediction: Kentucky wins 31-24

Matthew Alexander

Low scoring game.

Prediction: Kentucky wins 17-10

Ty Buck

 I think that the pass defense of USC has improved and it will be hard for us to take shots on 3rd and long. Also Bentley will be explosive and great. The crowd will also play a favor. I hope to be wrong though.

Prediction: South Carolina wins 30-17

In our predictions, mostly everyone believed Kentucky will be able to turn things around. If Kentucky can make the nessessary improvements, I believe we are a more talented team with better veterans helping out the young guys! Can’t wait to watch the Cats improve tonight! Don’t forget to follow @ukfansallday for the latest in UK sports news! Go Cats! 

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