Football: Week Three Helmet Stickers

You don’t just stumble upon an SEC road win. The team has to come ready to play and have a different kind of attitude. Kentucky did that in Saturday’s win at South Carolina! It marks coach Stoops’ fourth win against the Gamecocks in five trys. Here’s who received helmet stickers this week!

Stephen Johnson

Let’s start out with the obvious pick first. Johnson had a very solid game and he did the most important part, lead the team to a victory. Johnson made some crucial plays down the stretch including the long run on 3rd & 8 to clinch the game. Johnson has proven he’s the leader of this offense and if we’re going to be a special team, it’s going to be with him leading the pack. Let’s also not forget that he stuck out his tounge at the South Carolina defense.

Derrick Baity

While he did get beat on the first play of the game for a 67 yard touchdown, we’re going to forgive him for how he played the rest of the game. Baity ended the day with eight tackles and an interception. The interception was crucial as it ended any hope South Carolina had for a comeback and Kentucky would kneel out the rest of the game. Baity has gotten some criticism this season but hopefully this game is coming out party Baity needed. Let’s hope this isn’t his last helmet sticker!

Austin MacGinnis

Is MacGinnis great, or is he great? I think he’s both. MacGinnis was 3-3 on field goal kicks and made both extra points. South Carolina on the other hand went 0-3 on kicks and missed an extra point. Without his great kicking, this game could have been a lot closer than it was.

Mark Stoops

Technically Stoops doesn’t wear a helmet so we’ll put it on his headset. After the opening play touchdown, it seemed as if the game was going to get out of hand. Stoops and his staff were able to keep their composure and confidence as they stuck to the game plan. We made the nessessary adjustments quickly and efficiently and most importantly, didn’t let the game get away from us! This is the kind of Stoops we need every week!

Honorable Mentions

While they didn’t make the list, I can’t leave out Mike Edwards and Benny Snell without any recognition. Edwards had seven tackles and an interception in the game and the pick stopped what looked like could’ve been a scoring drive for South Carolina. Benny Snell had 32 carries with over 100 yards and two touchdowns and he finally ran like Benny Snell again. He put shoulder into them and bullied the Gamecock defense around! Great performances by Mike and Benny as well!

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