Football: Describing Each SEC Game from Week Three in Three Words

(image courtesy of Gridiron Now)

As many people are looking forward to the Florida game, it’s time to back to last week and look at the SEC games. There were many exciting games in the SEC this week as Florida vs Tennessee may be an early contender for game of the year! There was also some unexpected blowouts like Mississippi State vs LSU and Purdue vs Missouri. Some unexpected close games surfaced as well like Mercer vs Auburn and Louisiana vs Texas A&M. Here’s my recap of each game in three words!

Louisiana at Texas A&M

Aggies falling apart.

Tennessee at Florida

What an ending!

Mercer at Auburn

Where’s the offense?

Kentucky at South Carolina

Great rush defense!

Purdue at Missouri

Mizzou’s overrated offense.

Colorado State at Alabama

Roll tide roll.

LSU at Mississippi State

Really scary team.

Samford at Georgia

Typical SEC route.

Kansas State at Vanderbilt

Dores’ getting scary…

Ole Miss at California

Does it matter?

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