Scottie Lewis: A Tale Of Two Mascots.

College recruitment is an ongoing process in the world of sports and is happening everyday, whether it be Football, Baseball, or even Basketball. Well, when it comes to mens basketball, Coach Calipari has his eyes on a lot of recruits. One however that sticks out, is a class of 2019 (SG) Scottie Lewis. Scottie is 6-4, weighing at 177lbs and is still growing. A junior at Ranney High School and is a big piece on his high school team is ready to hit the D1 surface. Averaging 16.0 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 3.4 assists, he is a crafty guard who gets creative with his shots. He is ranked 6th nationally and has gotten offers from schools like Florida, Arizona, Maryland, Kansas, and you guessed it, Kentucky!


Per CatsPause, Scottie has a big decision to make choosing between his top two picks, Florida and Kentucky, as he is 50/50 on both of the schools, but who knows? Another school could be in the running with the two but we all know, Coach Calipari is a go getter and will strive to get his talent but it’s all in Scotties hands.

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