SEC: Week 3 Power Rankings

Well, it has been a fantastic weekend for all Cats fans after beating a tough South Carolina team on the road and starting the season out 3-0. Now with the upcoming week we have a chance to start something special with a possible W against Florida ending a very long draught, 30 game win streak to be exact. it is one that would be a very sweet victory if we are able to pull it off. But, for now lets see how fellow ukfansallday writers see the power rankings after Week 3.

1.) Alabama (3-0): I mean is anyone really surprised by this? After the third string got in against Colorado State the stats began to get a little skewed but overall this is without question the most powerful team in the SEC per the usual.

2.) Mississippi St. (3-0): Who would have guessed this? After the showing out of their defense and the absolute dismantling of a highly look upon LSU team, the Bulldogs from Starksville are looking to make their claim in the SEC again since Prescott.

3.) UGA (3-0): The other bulldogs find themselves here based off that they simply haven’t shown any sign of weakness and their first test on the road against the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame was a W. As luck would have it, the bull dogs from Mississippi and Georgia clash this weekend for what is expected to be an all out battle.

4.) Vanderbilt (3-0): Vandy is one of two dark horse teams wanting to make some noise in the east of the SEC and they very well may just do it. After beating #18 K-State they are without a doubt a voice to be reckon with. But, not meaning to rain on the Commodore parade but they play the Crimson Tide this weekend and most can expect a pretty convincing win by Alabama, but, there is always the chance for an upset. Who knows what may happen? This is definitely one of the games to circle for this weekend.

5.) Auburn (2-1): The Auburn tigers have a little bit to prove after a not so convincing win against Mercer after losing their first of the season against Clemson. This week is a good week for the tigers to get back on track against a very much struggling Mizzou Tigers team.

6.) Florida (2-1): Florida has been very underwhelming so far this season. It doesn’t help that suspended players are now facing felony charges, so whats going on in Gainesville? No one really knows, but, the Gators have a very serious challenger at Kroger Field this week and they better not assume that it will be a win based on past games because a loss at Kroger would most definitely take them out of a their usual guaranteed spot in Atlanta.

7.) Kentucky (3-0): The Cats have been on the rise along with Vanderbilt at showing that they most definitely want to and now show that they may just have the weapons at the right time to make a run at Atlanta. Kentucky impressed many except for the lonely Kirk Herbstreit who always seems to have Kentucky’s back on game day. But, for everyone else we proved them wrong, right down to Lee Corso. Kentucky proved with that win on the road that they will not be silent and they are here and that they will be noticed. They have a chance this weekend to blow away everyone once again. A victory this week would definitely put them in the top 25 rankings and in my opinion would propel them to the favorite to win the SEC East for the time being, of course there is much more football to play even after this week.

8.) LSU (2-1): The tigers under a new coaching era with Ed Orgeron looked to be very promising. All of that promise was shot down and has many doubting this team very much considering this was their first actual test. Not only did they just lose this game but they lost it to the magnitude that they did (37-7) against Mississippi St. They have a chance to get back with a win against Syracuse next.

9.) Tennessee (2-1): I expect the Volunteers to rise in the power rankings in the coming weeks but for now this is where they are. After dropping one against Florida when they were within the reach they were to win, it has me doubting the passion of this team. I do again, expect them to rise in the coming weeks though. They have an easy game coming up next week to help begin to mend the wound of such a gut wrenching loss to Florida.

10.) South Carolina (2-1): The Gamecocks losing at home is the least of their worries, they have officially lost their possible Heisman candidate WR due to a broken leg for what seems to be if not the remainder of the season, the vast majority of it. They have a lot to prove after this significant loss.

11.) Ole Miss (2-1): After the tough loss to California the Rebels are trying to get back on the right track with a bye week as they prepare for the battles of all battles facing the Alabama Crimson Tide on the road. Take a breath Rebel fans, everyone loses to Alabama.

12.) Arkansas (1-1): You have to think the coaching job in Arkansas is seeming a tad warm after a brutal blowout against the TCU horned frogs. Next up is the Aggies, lets see who can figure out their roughly started off season first.

13.) Texas A&M (2-1): The Aggies started out with what looked like a stellar season against UCLA with what was supposed to be a blow out game in favor of A&M but, UCLA came back and one in one of the best comebacks in the history of collegiate football and the Aggies have yet to recover. Two close wins against subpar teams and being down 21-7 against a Louisiana State team just doesn’t look good. They have a chance to get back to rising this week against Arkansas.

14.) Missouri (1-3): Well, it seems to be the same story every week with the Tigers. After a blowout loss to Purdue at home, you can almost guarantee that it will be very hard for the Tigers to win another game all year long. Things look very dark and the coaching seat couldn’t be more hot if you lit a fire under it. Things need to change now.

All of these rankings are based off of voting between fellow ukfansallday writers.

Thanks for reading! Please follow @ukfansallday on Facebook and Twitter for more info throughout the year! Go CATS!!

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