Ranking SEC Games for Week 4

(image courtesy of the SEC)

BBN get ready, week four is almost here! Before you watch the Cats game, there are many entertaining SEC games to look for. This week in the SEC includes two games against non power five teams, one game against a power five team, and five conference games. From now on, I will only be ranking the conference games of each week until rivalry week on the last week of the season. This means UMass at Tennessee, Louisiana Tech at South Carolina, and Syracuse at LSU will not be included in this list.

5. (15) Auburn at Missouri

Thankfully this game is on during the UK game meaning I’ll never turn to it. Missouri’s offense was exposed last week against Purdue as they only got up three points on the board. Auburn should shut down Mizzou’s offense completely and it should be a rough day for the fans in Columbia. Auburn may be able to finally get their offense going against the worst defense in the SEC. The only people who will be watching this game is Auburn fans and all 11 people at the game.

4. Texas A&M vs Arkansas (In Arlington)

This is the basement bowl in the west as you’ll see the two worst teams in the west square off. Both programs seem to be falling apart already this season. Arkansas could not do anything against TCU and A&M blew a huge lead to UCLA and hasn’t looked good since. Because the game is in Cowboy Stadium, the game will probably get more attention than it should. Another thing to watch for is that Arkansas is wearing replica jerseys of the Cowboys to honor Jerry Jones.

3. (1) Alabama at Vanderbilt

This game could get sneaky good. Vandy has been very impressive in its first three games including a win over top 20 foe Kansas State. This game has all the tools to be interesting but because Vandy’s home environment isn’t that intimidating and Alabama is Alabama, I think the tide will roll to a victory. I rank it ahead of the two above because it has the potential to be a close game. This is also the 3:30 CBS game so a lot of people will be watching.

2. (20) Florida at Kentucky

Like last week, I wanted to put the Cats’ game at number one. Kentucky hasn’t beaten the Gators in 30 years and this year seems as good as ever for it to end. Kentucky may have a better roster than Florida for the first time in forever. Of course Florida has nine players suspended so that will have an impact. Watch out for a special night at Kroger Field!

1. (17) Mississippi State at (11) Georgia

If this game wasn’t during the Kentucky game, there’s no doubt I would watch this game. Mississippi State tore up what everyone thought was a great LSU defense and will be a huge threat for the Georgia defense. This will also be Jake Frohm’s first start against a SEC defense. I’m really looking forward to see how Georgia’s defense will play against Nick Fitzgerald. If Mississippi State is able to win and Kentucky beats Florida, we could be in a great spot to contend in the east!

Ranking 1-3 should be fun games to watch and I’m looking forward to it! If things could go perfectly this weekend, Kentucky may be looking good in the east! Get ready BBN it’s going to be a huge weekend! Don’t forget to follow @ukfansallday on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest in UK sports news! Go Cats!

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