Football: Ukfansallday Writer Predictions for Florida at Kentucky

This game may be one of the biggest games in the Mark Stoops era! 30 years is no fluke and if the Cats can finally beat those nasty Gators, it could be the beginning of something special. For the second straight week, I asked some of the writers their thoughts and predictions on the game! Here’s what everyone had to say about the Gators and Cats!

Braden Nevius

When you look at the rosters, Kentucky stacks up pretty well against the Gators. This year’s defense may be one of the best Kentucky has had in a bit and while Florida’s defense is good in terms of forcing turnovers, they are suspect on rushing defense. The atmosphere at Kroger Field should be one of the best in a while and it has all the makings for a special night. I think September 23, 2017 will be remembered as the night Kentucky football changes for good. Cats win by double digits.

Prediction: Kentucky wins 24-13

Colton Covington

“Kentucky is undefeated at Kroger Field. Florida boasts a 30 win streak on the Cats.”

“The bad news is nothing lasts forever, the good news is nothing lasts forever” J. Cole

Prediction: Kentucky wins 17-10

Rob Taylor

 “The Cats D is good enough to hold Florida’s sluggish offense off and the Cats put one in and Austin hits 3 FGs.”

Prediction: Kentucky wins 16-10

J.R. Simpson

“Kentucky defense versus the Gators offense is the key. If it were any team not named Florida I think Kentucky wins going away. But it is Florida, so I think Kentucky wins a close one. “Automatic” Austin for the win!”

Prediction: Kentucky wins 24-21

Matthew Alexander

“Kentucky wins on a last second field goal.”

Prediction: Kentucky wins 24-21

Janson Hoskins

“I believe it will be a low scoring game and that overall the team with the best defensive game will win the game, but I have Kentucky winning by a short margin because Florida’s run defense is not as good as it has been in the previous years.”

Prediction: Kentucky wins 20-17

Jacob Deaton

“Florida’s rush defense can’t stop our run game and we hold them to under 100 yards rushing. The crowd plays a huge part and Stephen Johnson passes for 200 yards along with 30 ish yards rushing. Benny Sell has himself yet another game. This is the Cats coming out party.”

Prediction: Kentucky wins 28-17

Everyone seems pretty confident in the Cats as we all have Kentucky winning the game. Kroger Field is going to be rocking all night and it’s going to be crazy! The streak WILL BE BROKEN! Don’t forget to follow @ukfansallday on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest in UK sports news! Go Cats!

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