This Hurts

There has been many gut-wrenching losses in the Kentucky-Florida series but I got to say, this one hurts the most. Up 27-14 in the fourth quarter, you could sense something special starting to happen. Whenever it seemed like we could see the light at the end of the tunnel, it was taken out of our hands just like that. We basically gave Florida two touchdowns after some bad communication on both instances. As a Kentucky football fan, I don’t think I’ve ever been so sad after a loss.

After all the emotions of tonight’s game, it’ll be interesting to see how Kentucky responds next week against Eastern Michigan. Stoops and company has some soul searching to do and make sure these guys stay motivated. This team still has the potential to do great things as they should be 5-1 heading into the bye with Eastern Michigan and Missouri next up. While this loss will sting all week, it’s important that the BBN keeps its faith in these guys! This is just me speaking but from the games I’ve seen, this loss hurts the most.

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