Zion cancels, but will reschedule

Don’t worry Kentucky fans, even though it may worry some it shouldn’t. Zion Williamson was supposed to visit this weekend but because of a family issue he is unable to. We never know what is going on in someones life so I believe it is ridiculous to say that we have “lost him” I don’t believe this is any indication either way. I believe it is exactly that, a family issue. Yes, it would have been nice to have had him in town for this weekend but circumstances change and I’m sure he will be in town for the BBM mayhem in a few weeks. Calipari almost always gets who he wants. Another theory I would like to take the time to debunk is the theory that Zion will go with a college team based on the brand that  sponsors them. This is a ridiculous theory, its not that I wouldn’t put it past Adidas or Nike to try to persuade a kid based on this but I believe Zion is smarter and cares more about being challenged and getting better than to choose a school based on that. That is just my opinion on the subject.

Thanks for reading, and please follow @ukfansallday for more info throughout the year on all things Kentucky Athletics! GO BLUE!


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