Big changes coming for U of L Athletic Department?

Photo credit to Doug Pensinger, Getty Images

By J.R. Simpson

According to anonymous sources with knowledge of the situation, the University of Louisville is expected to announce the firing of many members of the athletic department, as a result of their involvement in a FBI investigation. The source confirms that Athletic Director Tom Jurich, assistant Athletic Director Kevin Miller, Head Men’s Basketball Coach Rick Pitino, Men’s basketball assistants Kenny Johnson, David Padgett, Jordan Fair, Director of Basketball Operations Michael Bowden, Strength & Conditioning Coach Ray Ganong and Assistant to Rick Pitino Jordan Sucher are likely going to be fired. The source also confirms that director of player development Wayne Turner, a former University of Kentucky point guard, will also be dismissed. Turner is rumored to be the member of the Cardinal’s staff who completed the cash transaction for Brian Bowen’s services. University of Louisville President Gregory Postel issued the following statement:

Clearly, the University of Louisville will be making changes, but to what extent? These actions were committed while already on NCAA probation, so the death penalty is likely. It needs to be noted that, while the source from this article appears to have legitimate and accurate information, it is all supposition at this point. In no way am I trying to claim that I have received these statements from anyone affiliated with University of Louisville or it’s athletic department. UKFansAllDay will keep you posted on any further developments in this story.

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