Louisville basketball in another scandal

Well, another day means yet another scandal by the University of Louisville. There is not much that is known at the moment but one thing that is highly suspected is that Brian Bowen a five star prospect that is currently enrolled at the University was paid around $100,000 to play there. The department of justice is holding a press conference today to announce the situation. Louisville is not the only schools involved, it is all Adidas affiliated schools that will be reviewed for any illegal transactions or funneling of money.

Many rumors are swirling around but one has to wonder how this will shake out but without a doubt the one consistent thought is that if this is true, Louisville will definitely be looking at a very steep penalty and the “death penalty” by the NCAA.

The FBI has already released a statement that pertains to Louisville, below:

This is NOT an NCAA investigation, this is the federal government. This is more real than anyone can understand. This is going to end with nothing but many people going to jail and this is the consensus from most. The NCAA and Feds have made a tip line for more corruption related to college BB, guys do not prank this line. Not a good idea. But overall, lets just sit back and see how all of this pans out. Its going to be a wild end.

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