Football: UkFansAllDay’s Writer Predictions for Eastern Michigan vs Kentucky

  We are inching closer and closer to gameday! The Cats are back in action to take on Eastern Michigan at 4:00 pm ET at Kroger Field. Kentucky will be looking to put the devasting loss to Florida in the rear view mirror and do it convincingly. Like I do every week, I got the writer’s thoughts on the game. Here’s what we had to say!

Braden Nevius

  “I think we can all agree last week sucked. Kentucky simply outplayed Florida and found a way to lose. I think this game Kentucky takes out its anger on the Eagles in a route. The offense showed life last week and should be able to take control early and often. Eastern Michigan could give Kentucky some trouble on defense but it won’t be anything we can’t handle. Cats improve to 4-1 after this one.”

Prediction: Kentucky wins 48-14

Jacob Deaton

  “Defense is weak with no Jordan Jones, and more than likely no Baity, the offense is on fire as usual.”

Prediction: Kentucky wins 42-17

Ty Buck

  “We will come out deflated and may overrate EMU. Barker may see some time, and will will not look the sharpest. However, a win is a win.”

Prediction: Kentucky wins 30-17

J.R. Simpson

  “Kentucky should be very focused after a week of good practices. EMU is talented, for a MAC team, but shouldn’t pose any real threat.”

Prediction: Kentucky wins 38-17

Janson Hoskins

   “I think this will be a closer game than what people are expecting, Eastern Michigan beat Rutgers on their home field but I believe that our running game and our depth will win us the game.”

Prediction: Kentucky wins 34-20

Matthew Alexander

  “Kentucky scores first. They will lead the whole game but start playing conservative.”

Prediction: Kentucky wins 35-7

Lori Mills

  “Cats win and bounce back from the loss to Florida.”

Prediction: Kentucky wins 24-7

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