A look at Stephen Johnson’s season so far

Stephen Johnson this year has made strides in his overall stats from last season, leading the Wildcats to a 4-1 record at this point in the season. 

Last season Stephen finished the year with 2037 passing yards with a 54.7% completion percentage. He also had 13 passing touchdowns against 6 interceptions for a passer rating of 130.9. 

This year he has passed for 940 yards with a 64.7% completion percentage. He has thrown for 7 touchdowns and only one interception for a 148.8 passer rating. You can see the 10% jump in completion percentage and a 17.9 point jump in his passer rating. If we project out the rest of the season based on what he has done so far, he is on pace for 2256 passing yards, 17 touchdowns, and only 3 interceptions. Solid improvements in all catagories. 

Stephen worked hard in the offseason to improve his accuracy and it has shown so far in the season with a good percentage boost in that category. His ball control has vastly improved with only one interception and his fumbling issue from last season, a distant memory. 

Stephen is seemingly unflappable. This week he was hit early and often. But he never once showed frustration or looked flustered. Johnson has shown time and time again that the moment is never to big and the stage isn’t to large. 

Let’s put this in perspective, in games Stephen has started or played the majority of, Kentucky is 11-5 since last season. To find a span that good you have to go back to the 1976 and 1977 seasons where UK went 19-4 over those two seasons. But that record came at a price as UK was on probation in 1977 for infractions against the program. So  not only is this the best span of UK football in 40 years, but this is the best span of UK football done in a clean manner. 

Stephen Johnson may not put up the flashy numbers, but he wins…a lot. He is what this team has needed, a calm presence that doesn’t let the moment get to him. Stephen Johnson is our quarterback and I hope the Big Blue Nation  notices this while we have him and not wait until he’s gone to appreciate what he has done. 

*picture one from Armchair All-Americans

*picture two from KSTV

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