Ty Buck



Hello BBN, I’m Ty Buck. I’m 14 and I am from Lexington. I cover softball, gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, tennis, rifle and track. You should probably know that I am involved in FFA, Scouts, Choir, Lacrosse, and Academic Team. I enjoy UK and love ice cream. However, I am lactose intolerant! I first started liking Kentucky in 2012. I was on spring break, and I remember watching the Championship game vs. Kansas. When we won, I was amazed and felt a rush of adrenaline that I never felt before. I went to Rupp Arena and fell in love with UK. I felt a pride and wanted to see more sports. Then I went to a softball game and loved how personal and up close it was. It is like that in all other sports, and I like cheering them on. All in all, it is a great way to show spirit and watch everything that interests me. I love Kentucky and am happy to be part of the BBN!!! Thanks for reading!






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