Football: Kentucky ranked 49th in ESPN Football Power Index

(image courtesy of the University of Kentucky)

  ESPN has released their new football power index and BBN isn’t too happy about it. Kentucky is ranked 49th in this week’s edition which puts us behind 10 other SEC teams. You read that right, 10. I’ll get to some of the teams we’re ranked behind in a moment but once again, Kentucky is being disrespected by the media. There are three teams in particular I want to talk about that make me upset.

South Carolina (38 in Power Index)

  South Carolina is ranked 11 spots above Kentucky, seriously. This is the same South Carolina team that Kentucky beat by 10 at Williams-Brice Stadium. Not only did Kentucky win this game, it was domination by the Cats for most of the game. South Carolina is also without arguably their best player, Deebo Samuel. It’s time ESPN gives up their preseaosn darling and makes credible rankings (yes I just called out ESPN).

Tennessee (46th in Power Index)

  The Vols are falling off, quickly. Butch Jones has lost this team and the fanbase. I wouldn’t be shocked if Tennessee rolled into Lexington and was no longer coached by Butch Jones. Somehow ESPN still finds a way to rank them above Kentucky. Of course we still have to play the game but at this point, Kentucky seems like a better team than Tennessee.

Arkansas (48th in Power Index)

  In case you haven’t been keeping up with the Hogs, they are currently 2-2. Their victories have come against lesser competition in Florida A&M and New Mexico State. Arkansas has yet to show that they can win even one SEC game as they haven’t looked very impressive in my opinion. There’s still time for them to turn it around and be better than Kentucky but as of now, Kentucky has shown more than the Hogs. At this point, Kentucky should be ranked above Arkansas.

  In case you were wondering, the three teams Kentucky is ranked above in the power Index is Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, and Missouri. Kentucky loves being the “underdog” so this may end up being a good thing. Vince Marrow even said “thank you” to those who doubted the Cats. As the season goes on, Kentucky will look to gain respect from those who aren’t to high on them right now. 

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