Bol Bol doesn’t hold Team USA snub against Calipari


Sports illustrated

Bol Bol has said he wants no part of the scandal involving two of the schools previously on his list, Arizona and USC. He has now cut them and is down to Oregon and Kentucky. He recently visited Oregon and is scheduled for Big Blue Madness next weekend.

Coach Kenny Payne, who played with his father in the NBA went to visit Bol Bol on Tuesday. We are assuming it was to clear up any confusion as to why he was cut from Team USA with he and his mother. It looks as if whatever was said worked.

In the recent interview with Rivals, Bol Bol says he doesn’t hold it against Calipari.

“I’m not holding that against (Calipari), I’m not like that, I don’t know what I did wrong in the tryouts, but it’s just motivated me to play even harder.” Bol Bol told Rivals

Having Bol visit Madness with already committed Kentucky Point Guard, Immanuel Quickley won’t hurt either.

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