Football: 3 Takeaways from Missouri vs Kentucky 

  It was scary, but it was a victory. Most of BBN (including myself) came into this game feeling pretty confident that Missouri wouldn’t be too much of an issue. Missouri definitely gave their best effort last night and turned this game into a nervous breakdown for all of BBN. At the end of the day, Kentucky is 5-1 (2-1 SEC) heading into the much needed bye week. Here’s my takeaways from the game.

1. Secondary Worries

  Last night was not the secondary’s best night, most notably the safeties. Most of Missouri’s scoring came on 50+ yard deep passes in which the safety wasn’t in the right place. This lead to big plays for the Missouri passing game and it never really calmed down. In this game, Kentucky allowed the most passing yardage they had all season. The bye week will be a great opportunity for the coaches to make sure everyone is in the right spot.

2. Stephen Johnson is a Winner

  We all know this by now, Stephen Johnson wins games. Last night he was making plays all over the place including a leap over a Missouri defender. Johnson threw for nearly 300 yards with 2 TDs. Not only did he get it done through the air, Johnson had 44 yards on the ground and got the team out of some bad situations. Johnson now gets the week off and can fully recover from all the shots he’s took this year.

3. Austin MacGinnis is Kentucky’s all-time scoring Leader

  Austin MacGinnis is now your all time leading scorer! The greatest UK kicker of all time arguably had 6 FGs last night. He’s won us so many games and now he has a great honor! He currently has two game-winning field goals against Mississippi State and Louisville. Thank you, Austin!

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