Kentucky Basketball: Sights and sounds from Kentucky’s Blue-White game


Last night’s Blue-White game was the first live look into the season that is to come. We did a little run down of a few things we saw from the scrimmage.

Players that stood out: (Offense wise):

PJ Washington and Kevin Knox were major standouts.

Washington had 21 points and 5 rebounds in 33 minutes of play. I have raved about Washington from the beginning and I continue to do so. He’s truly a special player, he will do some very awesome things this season.

Knox finished as leading scorer with 22 points and 7 rebounds in 40 minutes of play. Flashes of Kevin Durant ran through many plays of Knox on Friday night. He looks the most ready body wise for the game of college basketball.

Defense of the game:

Shai Gilgeous Alexander without question.

He is going to be a nightmare for all of his opponents this season. He gave it 10/10 all night long at a practice and when against Brad Calipari.

The Great

1. Cal’s special moments with the players. Learning from Cal is always key.


2. Gabriel seemed to be okay after his hard hit from Richards elbow to the head. He was down for what seemed like eternity after being hit. Crowd silent and stopped in their tracks. He got up and watched to the bench though and did return.

3. Our shooting doesn’t look near as bad as everyone has been saying. Of course, we have a lot of things that could be better. We’re decent at 3-Point shooting with Jermal Baker still sidelined.

4. Shai Alexander can shoot the 3, really well. He must have made 20 in a row it seemed and some jumpers during the pre-game warmup. 👀

The Good

1. Richards can swat some shots this season. 13 rebounds and 8 shots were blocked. He even hit two teammates in the head while doing so(Which by no means is the good part), Gabriel who stayed down for a minute and Wynyard.


Richards, who would prefer not to hurt his own teammates but won’t be as kind to opponents. “Like, say, Kansas: If somebody gets in the way, I’m not going to worry about it.” He told Kyle Tucker of SEC Country.

2. Diallo looked solid. He had some cool dunks.

3. Gabriel’s 3-point shooting and shooting in general looked much improved.

4. Quade still fought back when Shai was in his face.

5. Sacha had a few good shots.

The not so good

1. There were too many cramps. Guys had to be substituted left and right last night due to cramps. Quade may have had it the worst going down in the first and never returning to the bench. Cal said he was put into a full ice bath and was even cramping in his pinky. PJ Washington had to be rolled on the sidelines. Nick Richards had to hobble off court. Even Hamidou Diallo had some issues. Granted, it is early and they have time to work on their bodies.

2. Nick Richards missing some offense. His defense was great. His shot blocking very much on point. But he struggled to make those easy inside shots.

3. Free throw shooting.

4. Jarred Vanderbilt and Jermal Baker sitting on the sidelines with their gum. They should be out there with their boys having fun. Maybe soon though.



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