Football: Writer Predictions for Tennessee vs Kentucky 

  This week Kentucky will look to shake off a bad performance in Starkville. Tennessee has been a dumpster fire this season so this could be exactly what Kentucky needed. This game is important to both teams as Tennessee needs any win possible while Kentucky looks to keep the fanbase on board. Like every week, I got some insight on what the writers here at are thinking as we get closer to gametime.

Braden Nevius

Last week was a case of bad matchups and facing a more physical football team. This won’t be the case as Tennessee comes into Kroger Field in shambles. The Vols haven’t had an offensive touchdown since October and are now without their best offensive player, John Kelly. I look for the defense to have a bounce-back game and only allow one touchdown at most. Offensively I see Lynn Bowden seeing a lot of action and getting his first touchdown as a Cat. Kentucky wins by double digits.

MVP: Lynn Bowden

Prediction: Kentucky wins 21-10

J.R. Simpson

“UK will sell out to stop the run, forcing UT to throw it. Edwards with two picks, one late to win it for UK.”

MVP: Mike Edwards

Prediction: Kentucky wins 31-27

Rob Taylor 

“No Kelly for Tennessee means their leading rusher and receiver are missing. They struggled with him, having not scored an offensive touchdown in October. I think UK’s players are mad about the whooping they took last week and will not let it happen again this week.”

MVP: CJ Conrad and Linebacker unit                                               

Prediction: Kentucky wins 27-13

Janson Hoskins

“I agree with Rob that I believe the coaching staff will have a fire lit underneath the players this week after that not so good performance last week against Mississippi State. Key factors will be the players that Tennessee will be without this week as well as the Wildcats offense. They definitely have to step it up this week to pull out the victory.”

MVP: Defense as a whole

Prediction: Kentucky wins 24-14

Matthew Alexander

“Tennessee scores 2 in the first half and 1 in the 4th. Kentucky starts out slow on offense but works the wrinkles out throughout the game.”

MVP: Stephen Johnson and Derrick Baity

Prediction: Kentucky wins 24-21

Jaiden Mingus

“Both offenses haven’t been great so it’ll be low-scoring, Stephen Johnson will bounce back with a great week and Jordan jones will dominate”

MVP: Stephen Johnson and Jordan Jones

Prediction: Kentucky wins 17-14

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