We have 1 Top 50 basketball player in the country, if you ask ESPN that is….


ESPN released their top 50 basketball players in the country, and Kentucky has 1, and that 1 is pretty far down on the list, landing at #37 with Hamidou Diallo. Overall, the list is pretty awful. Kevin Knox not being in the top 50 is an atrocity in and of itself. This is another year where the upper class players will get all of the love but when it comes down to it, Kentucky guys will be in the lottery where the others are not. Its not that ESPN doesn’t like Kentucky, its just that ESPN is just horrible at ranking period. I do believe that we have a max of 3 in the top 50 but that would be it. With guys like Diallo, and Knox not being in the top 20 at least, you know the list can’t hold much truth. Regardless it is going to be a motivation piece for our guys to put in the work to get noticed, you already know Calipari is using the information to motivate them to show the world what they will be starting this Friday.

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