UK Hockey player profile: Alex Luce

This week’s University of Kentucky Hockey Club’s player profile is Alex Luce. Alex is a Junior forward from Aurora, Illinois. Thank you to Alex for taking the time to do this. 

1: What first caught your eye about hockey and made you want to play?

AL: Being born in Canada, hockey was always a big part of my family. Playing up in northern Ontario and Winnipeg with my cousins really drew me to it.

2: Who is your favorite player and team?

AL: My favorite player is Jonathan Toews and my favorite team is theBlackhawks. 

3: Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions? 

AL: I always take pregame naps and take about a half an hour to visualize the upcoming game.

4: What brand of skates, gloves, helmet, and stick do you use? 

AL: I’ve used Bauer my whole life so everything I use is Bauer.

5: Would you rather score a goal, hit a nice assist, or lay a big hit?
AL: I’d definitely rather lay a big hit to get the boys going.

6: If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and why?

AL: Barstool big cat definitely, would definitely like to hear his takes on college hockey.

7: Where do you see yourself in 5yrs?
AL: Not really sure where I’ll be in 5 years, would definitely like to be working in the business of hockey.

8: What is your favorite thing about Lexington?
AL: My favorite thing about Lexington is that it truly became my home away from home. I’ve always felt comfortable here. And nothing is better than the tailgates for football games.

9: What would you like to say to the Big Blue Nation?
AL: Thanks Big Blue Nation for all the support. Not many college teams get the support that we do, especially at midnight. Seeing the stands packed is the best feeling in the world. Cats fans are the best fans in the world!

Thank you to Alex for doing this. You can catch Alex, and the rest of the team on the ice at home at the Lexington Ice Center on November 17th and 18th when Cleveland State come in for the weekend. Games start at midnight and are $7 to get in. Come early, wear blue, and be loud! 

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*all pictures used with permission from UK Hockey*

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