Football: Clock Issue in Ole Miss vs Kentucky Game

The disappointing loss to Ole Miss still hurts and it’s hurt all week. Kentucky seemed to be pulling away when the Cats took a 27-17 early in the third quarter. Kentucky would proceed to get outscored 20-7 after that point. Ole Miss had to go on a game winning drive to upset the Cats and the Rebels scored a touchdown with five seconds remaining in the game to take a 37-34 lead. In the third quarter, a clock issue was pointed out by Twitter user, @kyracer57.

In the tweet below, the user shows that the clock had only moved two seconds between first down and third down. This would have been a difference of useful seconds that helped Ole Miss complete its game winning drive. Obviously it would have made the situation much different and both Ole Miss and Kentucky would have made different calls based on what the game clock would have been at that time. Is it the ref’s fault? Is the clock operator’s fault?

I’m not trying to take away from what Ole Miss did. They were clearly the better team throughout the second half and they deserved to win the game. The point of this article is to point out that the clock mistake could have been the difference in the game. If CJ Conrad gets the pass interference call and the clock is correctly managed, BBN could be talking about being 7-2 heading into a very winnable game at Vanderbilt. Now it’s time to put Ole Miss in the rear view and move on to Vanderbilt.

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