Football: 3 Things to Expect in the UK/Vandy Game

A lot of Kyle Shurmur

Kyle Shurmur has had an impressive season this year. He currently has 1,884 yards passing with 20 touchdowns and only three interceptions. Kentucky’s secondary has been a let down this season and I’d expect Vanderbilt to take advantage of that. Kentucky is currently giving up an average of 279.4 passing yards per game and hasn’t had an interception since the Eastern Michigan game at the end of September. Vanderbilt is currently averaging 220.4 passing yards per game which is really good considering Kentucky is only averaging 192.2 passing yards per game. Shurmur will get his attempts and if Kentucky’s secondary doesn’t improve, I see a lot of him in our future.

A lot of Benny Snell

The Benny Snell resurgence over the past two games has been great. I expect to see that continue as Vanderbilt is giving up an average of 211.6 rushing yards per game. For comparison, Tennessee gives up an average of 237.3 yards rushing per game. Vanderbilt is a little bit better in these terms but this number still plays heavily into Kentucky’s favor. Eddie Gran has used Kentucky’s running game in a huge portion over the past two games (sometimes a little too much in the Ole Miss game) and it’s worked as Benny has had back-to-back 170+ yard rushing games. This statement could change to back-to-back-to-back after Saturday’s game.

Blue WILL Get In

Vanderbilt’s attendance rate isn’t good in terms of Vanderbilt fans who come to the game. There has been very good numbers for the road attendance though. For example, take a look at the stadium when Georgia came to Nashville:

(image courtesy of SB Nation and ESPN)

How about Alabama:

(image courtesy of

Or how about when Vandy is playing Alabama A&M, so nobody decides to show up:

(image courtesy of Twitter user, @AdamSparks)

BBN likes Nashville, a lot. The SEC tournament is an example of how travel to Nashville doesn’t effect the BBN. If Vanderbilt Stadium doesn’t have a noticeable sea of blue, I’d be shocked.

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