Season Opener: The moment we’ve all been waiting for


Where to watch: SEC Network

What time: 7 PM

Where: Rupp Arena


ITS HERE! College basketball season is upon us and if you are like me, you couldn’t be anymore excited! Our Cats are poised to do well in yet another season of college basketball, but I guess the question like every year with a very young team is, how good? All of the exhibition games have shown us different things but the most consistent thing it has shown me is that we are YOUNG. Calipari has issued many warnings to the BBN about how painful the growing process was going to be and has even stated that this team is “behind” compared to previous teams he has coached here. Some of that is just coach talk, but some is genuine warning so that you aren’t shocked when this team gets a loss here and there early on. I do think this team will be just fine, but only time will tell. Until then, our first matchup is Utah Valley.

What to watch for: 

The things to watch for tonight is if the offense is still heavily ran through Quade Green, *spoiler alert* it will be. Quade Green is the brightest point of this team as far as leadership is concerned, he stays poised at all times and I don’t see tonight being any different as far as that goes.

The other point to watch for would have to be our bigs, and how they do. If I had to give a certain area for the fans to be the most patient on, it would be this area. Nick Richards is a powerhouse, but he isn’t there yet. By march I fully expect him to be at his top potential for his freshman season which is scary, but until then everyone just needs to be patient and rely on our stretch forwards like PJ, and Gabriel to do most of the heavy lifting down in the post.

Final Notes:

This game will be a nice warmup going into our first test of the season, and boy is it a good one, KANSAS. Of course both teams have that game circled due to both being massively historic and successful programs. This warmup game will allow us to get our first W of the season and try some different lineups out and ironing out the rotation before everyone finally settles into their position on the team and straps in for the season.

Score Prediction: 89-62

Thanks for reading, and please follow @ukfansallday for more info on all things UK sports throughout the year! Go CATS!


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