Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt: 5 Takeaways from the game

      1. Stephen Johnson continues to be efficient. Stephen Johnson didn’t have huge numbers, but he got it done again. Compared to last year he’s exceeding expectations and it’s why we are winning. Stephen Johnson did fumble towards the beginning of the game but managed to complete 13 passes on 17 attempts for 173 yards.

2. Secondary gets lucky. I know, I know, our secondary had three interceptions. I don’t consider Denzil Ware as a part of the secondary. But, other than the interceptions, Shurmur was handling our defense. Either way, I’ll take it.

3. Snell is a record-breaking player, literally. Not much to be said here, can’t say I didn’t see the 100-plus yards coming. But, while rushing for a lot, he broke the record for rushing touchdowns in school history. He’s not even done with his sophomore year. Gotta love Benny.

4. Play-calling has improved. Going into halftime Kentucky was up 20-7 and everyone was questioning if the coaches would come out and be conservative as usual. Instead of doing the usual, to open the second half Eddie Gran was able to call the right plays to get us a touchdown.

5. Offensive line is clicking. Benny is not getting these huge games without any help. The offensive line has been very impressive lately. Opening huge holes for Snell and King to run through. Protection for Johnson was pretty good as well. Don’t forget to follow us @ukfansallday. Go cats!


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