The showdown of the Blue bloods: Where to watch and what to expect(Kentucky vs. Kansas pre-game notes)


Where? Champion’s Classic in Chicago 

When? 9:30 PM

Where to watch? ESPN


Well, these are the games we always say that we want to see, and here it is. UK vs. KU, how will it go down? I believe only positive things will come from this game. If we were to win, the benefit is obvious, but if we were to lose it will allow a ridiculously young team to have a sobering encounter with reality against a fantastic Kansas team.

So how do we win? I believe zone is the key to not only this game but MOST games for the rest of the year, yes Calipari doesn’t care for it because it is not how things are done in the NBA but in order to save the season, that is the defensive set that will be required in my opinion.

This game will allow our young freshman to emerge as the stars of college basketball or it will cause us to step back and reevaluate our path with this team. I trust and you should trust Calipari and the methods to his madness. He has never steered us wrong before and I don’t believe he is going to start today.

Do I think we will win? No, UNLESS we are different than we have been. Yes, I loved the growth between Utah Valley to Vermont but I’m not sure we will be able to make a large enough jump to beat an experienced and mature team such as Kansas.

What to look for tonight:

  1. How Quade plays under the pressure- this will correlate to how he will handle games in march, if he is poised now, imagine his ability then.
  2. Kevin Knox- he is due for a breakout game and what better time than in the Champion’s classic?
  3. Defense- Does Calipari cave? or does he continue with the same “man to man” offense than we have always ran?
  4. Shooting- yes, our shooting is a little bit better than expected but lets see how it is against a real team like Kansas


Prediction for the game:

76-67 Kansas

Yes, I don’t believe we will get the win tonight, but prove me wrong CATS! I would love to be wrong but so far with what I have seen, I just don’t believe it will happen, but that being said, I don’t believe that this team is bad by any means. Having a team this young can be fun but early in the season its nearly impossible to win these games. That being said, there is a reason they play the game, it will be a great night for both sides! Go CATS!


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