UK Football Recruiting: Q & A with Shocky Jacque-Louis

Photo courtesy of Hudl

On Tuesday, November 14, I had the distinct pleasure to conduct an interview with Ft. Myers (FL) Dunbar wide receiver Shocky Jacque-Louis. The 6’1”, 180 pound receiver is a consensus three star recruit, with some services rating him a four star recruit. Shocky and I spoke about his recent de-commitment, who is recruiting him the hardest now and when he will make his decision. Shocky is a very polite and well-spoken young man and will be an asset to whatever program is lucky enough to land his services.

The following is an exact transcript between Shocky and myself:

JRS: What led to your decommitment from the University of Tennessee?

SJL: It was directly linked to the firing of Coach Jones.

JRS: Ok. Who are you hearing from the most now that you have re-opened your recruitment?

SJL: Pitt, Missouri, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State and Kentucky

JRS: Ok. How soon will you make a final decision and will you sign in December or wait until February?

SJL: December signing day. I’m an early grad.

JRS: Excellent. What will influence your final decision of where you play?

SJL: The people who I feel the most comfortable with and the people who can most beat my future.

JRS: Great. A couple more questions. Is there anything that would turn you off to a school that is recruiting you?

SJL: Whether the people there are cool enough to spend 5 years with.

JRS: One more question, if you don’t mind? Does UK winning and Coach Stoops’ extension make any impact on UK’s chances?

SJL: Naa, I don’t look at the wins and losses because I believe with my talent I could change a program.

JRS: Excellent. Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to BBN?

SJL: Thanks for being with me through it all.

Regardless of who gets him, I believe that Shocky Jacque-Louis will be a star in college and will likely play on Sundays. It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to interview him.

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