Football: Louisville/Kentucky Opening Line Thoughts

Opening lines for rivalry week have come out and the Governor’s Cup line has Louisville as a 9.5 point favorite over Kentucky. This is an improvement over last year’s 27.5 underdog status Kentucky had but I believe the Cats are once again being disrespected. Louisville has momentum coming off a dominant victory over Syracuse, a team who beat Clemson. Meanwhile, Kentucky is coming off a 42-13 loss to Georgia and got a little beat up in the process. From this stand point I can see the reasoning behind the line being this but 9.5 is a little too high in my opinion. If they want to have Louisville favored (which I think is a stretch), that’s fine but 9.5 seems a little too high.

A team close to Louisville defensively in terms of total yards is Vanderbilt. Kentucky put up 44 points against the Commodores in Kentucky’a most complete offensive game of the season. A team close to Louisville in terms of total yards offensively is Ole Miss in which the Cats gave up 37 points. Louisville’s offense and defense is slightly better than these teams above but with this comparison Kentucky won 44-37. Of course situations, injuries, etc can make things different but this a perspective of some teams that Kentucky’s played that compare to Louisville. With this said, I think the line is high but Kentucky will once again have an opportunity to prove doubters wrong.

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