So….about last night…(UK vs. Troy Post game)


So last night may not have ended how everyone wanted it to, yes it was a win but it was a close win, way too close for who they were playing. The final score to this game was 70-62, a bit off from what most people thought it would be. However, this final score doesn’t tell the whole story, the half time score of this game was 41-25. This score in my mind tells most of the story, the second half is simply, the team relaxed, and let them back in the game and had a hard time getting back ahold of the game after they let them back in. This is common for freshman, especially with the new territory that is this team, even for a freshman coach like Calipari.

If you watch the highlights of the game, you can see that Nick Richards is continuing to improve, so is Quade Green. Kevin Knox is the clear leader of scoring, and everyone else is still trying to figure themselves out.

So, for those of who noticed, Brad Calipari game into the game last night, and not when it was a blowout. Calipari made it clear that he was going to continue putting him out there since he was doing so well at practice, Brad is going to be the Jemarl Baker that we needed. We needed someone to come in and be able to have the ability to hit a three or two if we needed it and Brad will do just that.

Where does this game leave this team? Now more than ever I am convinced this team can be good, if we can grow to the point as a very young team that we can sustain leads, we will be one of the deadliest teams in the country.

This team is in a better place than they were before, and we will continue to grow and learn. Until then, I have a message to the BBN: You say you love this team, and you want people to respect us more, and all of those things. Well, if you want more respect you have to respect yourself first, to the ones that are down on this team, you are the reason this team struggles sometimes. Players need to feel support, thats what our role is. Support. 



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