What to look for tonight..(UK vs. Fort Wayne Pre-game)



Where to watch and listen: SEC Network & UK Sports Network 

Where & When: Rupp arena @ 8 

Against who: Fort Wayne Mastodons

Tonight like every night with this team, and it is something I am going to say all season long until its March Madness, is another chance to grow.

This game is going to challenge our players yet again this season, this Fort Wayne team being led by Bryson Scott who is averaging 22.0 points and is shooting over 42%. We are going to have to hold off a very hungry Fort Wayne team who is known for the upsets and most notably the one against Indiana for example. This team is going to challenge us for each half.

What to look for:

  1. Nick Richards, can he continue on last game’s improvement? 
  2. Will we be out rebounded? 
  3. Aggression, who shows more? 
  4. PJ, you there bro? 

While the last point is meant to be funny, it is all in the same very true. PJ Washington so far this season, and yes he is still learning like everyone else and yes each person has their own timetable of improvement, but, he has been disappointing so far. PJ Washington even being praised by former Kentucky great Rex Chapman was supposed to come in, and not necessarily be the leading scorer or rebounder, but, last game against Troy after only putting up 4 points fans are left worrying. Out of all of the points to look for in the game, that is the one that will affect this season more than all the others as far as long term goes.

So what do I think happens tonight? I think that this team will improve, but that may not correlate to the scoreboard. I think that we win by a maximum of 15 points tonight. This team is still learning and has shown no growth in maintaining leads. They have no issue in getting one though as most people know, but what is a lead if you can not keep it?

Our MVPs tonight will be our guards. Fort Wayne has a solid big men lineup with a couple guys in the 6’10-6’11 range and our bigs have yet to prove that they can handle a fight with guys their own size.

Score prediction:





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