Senior Day Interview: Charles Moushey


For the last three years I have enjoyed the fan day activities at Nutter Field House. Two years ago I briefly met a wide receiver towards the end of the table with long hair, I too was rocking some long locks of my own. This commonality and his gracious attitude made Charles Moushey someone that I was always was looking/rooting for. This season Moushey really made a name for himself making huge plays on special teams and I was lucky enough to connect with the Senior receiver and ask him a few questions. I hope you all enjoy hearing what he has to say!

Q: Awesome, what is your favorite on field memory so far at UK?

A: This year would be Zach Johnson destroying the returner on kickoff against EMU. They double teamed me that game so it was great to see a fellow walk on step up and make such a pivotal play on special teams.

Overall I would say the tackle I made on kickoff against Bama last year. It was my first time on a college field and being able to prove to coaches that I could compete at that level against an elite team is what I think basically started my special teams career.

Q: What are your plans for life after football?

A: I’d love to be able to follow my dream and play in the NFL. As for after that, I’ve always felt an urge to serve in our military. Navy to be more specific.

Q: What made you want to play football for Kentucky?

A: Well I initially got recruited for track & field. I played ball in high school so I wasn’t exactly new to the sport. I tried to stay away from going to UK games because I knew I’d miss the sport. Sure enough I ended up going to the Mississippi State game my sophomore year which put the thought of me being able to help the team in my head. Long story short I had a pretty extensive conversation with my father on the phone a few days later and I think we both kind of made the decision that I was going to try and walk on to the football team.

Q: Tell me about your teammate that you have the strongest bond with.

A: I’d say as of right now it’s David Bouvier because we have dealt with similar types of adversity throughout or UK football careers. The fact that both of us are also walk ons adds to that bond as well.

Q: What has been the most difficult loss to deal with as a team during your time with Kentucky?

A: This past Florida game. Miss State hurt for sure but Florida is definitely #1. It always hurts worse when you battle with a team like that and come up short. Everything turns into “could I have done one thing differently that could have won us the game…”

Q: What will you miss most about the university?

A: Football game days. I know that sounds cliché but having been a spectator my first two years at Kentucky, it makes showing up and playing on game day that much sweeter. I do miss the tailgates but have no regrets of trading them for a jersey.

Q: Anything you’d like to say to BBN?

A: BBN, we as a team appreciate the support and love that y’all show week after week! The atmosphere you guys provide on game day is one of a kind and we couldn’t be more proud to represent the University of Kentucky and BBN on Saturday’s as we take the field. Can’t wait to finish this season strong and hope to see y’all on game days!

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