Pre-game notes: UK vs UIC


Where to watch & listen: SEC Network & UK Sports Network

Where & When: Rupp Arena @ 6 

Another gimme opponent for the Cats. All week long I’ve been watching the PK80 tournament with blue bloods such as Duke and UNC getting their fair share of exposure on a big stage and I’m left with wondering why we decided not go. Well, people may look at this game against UIC and other easier games as taking the “easy way out”. I even have thought this myself. But, reality is, we are not ready for those games. Yes, they would provide us with experience, but we could also be hurting ourselves unnecessarily as far as the tournament is related if we were to lose a couple games and get put in a worse seed. Is it boring? Absolutely its boring, but, I am a believer in the idea that we will enjoy it later. Something does need to be addressed about the lack of exciting games at home instead of having to travel half way across the country for neutral site games, but as far as this specific incident is related, I support it.

SO, own to the actual game at hand. Kentucky in this game looks to build off its greatest performance, and most complete performance against a upset seeking Fort Wayne team. With a 19 point win and this coming off an amazing 25 points and 15 rebound performance from Nick Richards. This game should be very telling into whether or not something has clicked with the team, and not just the team but specifically Nick Richards. With a Killeya- Jones and Richards combo down low, and only to add a Jarred Vanderbilt later in the year, our bigs are going to be something special.

So, what do we need to do today? If there is one thing that I took away from the Fort Wayne game, it was the shooting. It wasn’t just that the shots were going in, the shot selection was better all around. It was a very “un-freshman” shot selection game.

What to look for in today’s game: 

  1. Again I say, PJ Washington, you there bro? 
  2. Nick Richards: Hero or back to Zero? 
  3. Diallo: Can his good shooting from deep continue?

This team is making me excited after last game, so many flashes of what this team can be, and that is with two men being on the bench until they are healthy. I am cautiously optimistic though, I understand that it could also have been a fluke, but I also know that it could be a team realizing slowly, but surely what it takes to be a championship squad. We still have a very long way to go, but when you see the flashes, man oh man is it exciting.

Score Prediction: 


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