The team everyone knew they could be: Post game notes UK vs UIC

Final Score: 107-73

This game was without a doubt a total success, from top to bottom. This team surpassed my predictions on their performance and won by a lot more than most expected as well. So, if you didn’t watch the game or even if you did, lets go over what went so well.

  1. PJ Washington, I have been hard on him in my posts and some may have seen it as unfair, but he showed out tonight and has shown the force he can be. 
  2. Kevin Knox: Without a doubt the leader of this team. The leading scorer and all around the best play maker. Even with his poor shooting from three, he was still able to make it happen everywhere he went. 
  3. Diallo: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its one of our shooting guards, and boy oh boy can he get up! The best game of the season for him no doubt, very promising going forward.
  4. Shot selection in general was yet again just amazing and far and beyond better than what they had been earlier on. Again, this is a direct correlation to their age and this will only get better as time goes on. 
  5. Green and Alexander: Even with Green having multiple turnovers tonight and it definitely not being one of his best, he was still able to put up a good number of points. This silver lining with Green’s tough night as far as turnovers go is that Alexander was able to come in and pick up the slack. Alexander being able to come in and produce good minutes and put up points along with his superior defense to Green, this team adds yet another dimension. 

The only thing that continues to be an issue with this team is turnovers. Finishing with over 8+ again and this had been the case for most games with this team. Only time and coaching will fix this issue. This is one of those things that will have to be changed over time. Our fantastic Coach will fix these issues as he always does though and have us working on all cylinders for March.

So, I am in every way pleased with this team. This team’s growth in just a few games should excite every single fan. Its going to be a good season as I had thought! Be sure to follow @ukfansallday for more info on UK basketball and all other things UK sports


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