Coach Klein Turns Down Tennessee Job Will Return to S.C.L.S.U.



As if things couldn’t get worse down in Tennessee, they have once again been turned down by another coach. Tennessee athletic director John Currie had recently gotten into contact with Mud Dogs head coach Klein, and asked him if he would be interested in taking over as head coach at Tennessee. Which to the surprise of most of us, Klein turned them down and said he will return to South Central Louisiana State University.

Since the Mud Dogs magical 1998 season and their Bourbon Bowl championship, Klein and the program hasn’t had much success. The Mud Dogs are currently on a twenty-seven game losing streak, and to the surprise of most it was amazing that Klein even got an offer in the first place. But with the recent Tennessee hires, nothing should surprise us at all anymore when it comes to the Volunteers.

When asked why he turned down the job, Klein was quoted with “I’m not getting into that mess.”

Which brings up the ultimate question. What is going in Tennessee?


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