Harvard vs. UK (Pre-game notes)


Where and When: Rupp Arena @ 3:30

Where to watch and listen: ESPN & UK Sports Network

This game like many others is a chance to get better, and I expect a win today like every other Kentucky fan but during the game there can be certain things you are looking for that will be telling at this point in the season, each game serves as a telling sign of where this team is. So, this game the things to look for are:

  1. PJ, does he keep last games performance going?
  2. Zone defense, last game it was played more than ever, does it hold true today?
  3. Off a game of many career highs, what was just a career high, and what was a coming out party? 

Speaking of my third thing to watch for in today’s game, last game many of the Cats including Shai Alexander who had playing time due to the poor play of Quade Green who still had himself a game in his own right. But, the thing I will be, and you should be looking for as well is which one was announcing himself last week as a scorer and just got lost in the mix of other career highs? Could be none of them and it could be a couple.

This team has me thinking positively but like most Kentucky fans who are being cautiously optimistic, I am waiting to see if this level of play, and that DOESN’T mean number of points we win by, just production on the floor, but seeing if this continues against UCLA, Virginia Tech, and Louisville later on in the month. If it does, I do believe this is one of the earliest any of Cal’s teams have turned the corner.

This game is more than anything just a game for the team to continue to find its identity as young freshman.

That being said, thank you for reading and follow @ukfansallday on facebook and twitter for more info throughout the year on all things UK sports! GO CATS!


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