By the Numbers: Northwestern Offense

(image courtesy of Athlon Sports)

Kentucky is set to take on Northwestern in the Music City Bowl on December 29th. To get you ready for the game, I’ve taken a look at three important stats that fans will need to know heading into the game. Tonight we’ll take a look at the Wildcats’ (both teams have the “Wildcats” nickname) offense. If you’re more of a defensive guru, check back tomorrow night for a look at some important defensive numbers. If you like both, then you’re in the right place. Here’s a look at the numbers.


This is the number Northwestern scores per game. This is 3.9 points more than Kentucky’s offensive output this season. The most points they scored in the 2017 regular season was a 49 point outburst against Bowling Green on September 16th. Northwestern’ most recent game saw them pour in 42 on the road against Illinois. They’ve won seven straight and just had 42 points, they’ll be tough to stop.


The Wildcats offense has had an impressive 405.2 total yards of offense per game. Compared to Kentucky, Northwestern gains nearly 55 more yards per game. This is gained with an average of 244.3 yards through the air and 160.9 on the ground. Kentucky’s defense has been less than stellar this year so these numbers scare me. It also doesn’t help that Kentucky is coming off game where the defense gave up 562 yards of total offense.


This number could have gone in either the offensive or defensive post but I decided to put it in tonight. Northwestern will come into the game with a +5 turnover margin. This is good enough for second in the BIG 10. This shows more about the defense in my opinion because quarterback, Clayton Thorson has thrown 12 interceptions on the year meaning the defense has had to pick up the slack. Kentucky’s defense may be able to capitalize on this and force some turnovers on Northwestern’s offense because of this. The question will be if Kentucky can keep the ball safe as well.

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