By the Numbers: Northwestern Defense

After taking a look at the Northwestern offense last night, I’m back to give you three important numbers about the Northwestern defense. The Wildcats come into this game on a seven-game win streak and the defense has been a big part in it. The last time this defense took the field, it only gave up seven points on the road at Illinois. The first two numbers you’re about to see compared to Kentucky’s defense may concern you, so be prepared. If you missed the offensive post, you can take a look at it here:


When you play Northwestern, you better be ready for a tough, physical game as their defense gives up only 19.8 points per game. For comparison, Kentucky is giving up 28.6 points per game. This is almost a 10 point difference that could be hard to overcome. Mississippi State gives up 20.4 points per game and we saw the struggle the Cats had in that game.


It’s really hard to run against this team as they only give up 111.3 rushing yards per game. I’m not one to doubt Benny Snell and his running ability but this will certainly be a test. Physicality will play a huge part in this game and if the offensive line can hold up, I feel good about Kentucky’s chances to be in this game. If Northwestern is able to smother them, it could be a long day for Benny and BBN.


This number should give BBN hope. The number above is the amount of passing yardage Northwestern gives up per game. Stephen Johnson will have the opportunity to possibly have his best performance against an average at best passing defense. We saw Johnson breakout last year against Louisville and this could be his next reasonable shot to repeat that performance. Look for Eddie Gran to lean on the pass more than he usually does.

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