Where Were You The Last Time Kentucky Didn’t Make a 3-Pointer?



It is no secret that most of Big Blue Nation is in love with the three point shot. The streak currently stands at 1021 games with at least one three pointer made, which is pretty amazing. For the longest time Vanderbilt was ahead of us, but through post season success in the recent years we have been able to play more games and finally pass them.

Now I know making a three pointer in over 1000 games seems like it would take a long time. But how long you may ask? Well its been nearly thirty years.

The last time Kentucky didn’t make a three pointer in a regular season game was, November 26, 1988 in a 63-60 loss against Seton Hall in the Great Alaskan Shootout. With only losing by three, its safe to say that we really could’ve used a 3-pointer that day.

Shortly after the Seton Hall loss, the streak began. The streak officially began on November 28, 1988 in a 89-71 win over Cal, and even though it was the Wildcats worst season since 1926 they still managed to hit a three point shot in every game the rest of the season.

But how much different were things at that time during 1988? Well the George H.W. Bush had just won the presidential election. Bon Jovi had the number one song in America. Gas was only $1.08 a gallon and the cost of a dozen eggs was less than a dollar. Plenty of things have changed, but the Wildcats making the three ball has remained the same.

Since the streak officially started the Wildcats have shot 19,497 three pointers and have made exactly 6,970 of them or 35.7% for all of you analytical people out there.

But ask yourself for a minute, where were you the last time Kentucky didn’t make a three point shot during a game? For most of us including myself, we weren’t even born.

3-point Field Goal Records at Kentucky


3-point Field Goals Made

  1. Tony Delk – 283
  2. Keith Bogans – 254
  3. Tayshaun Prince – 204


3-point Field Goals Attempted

  1. Keith Bogans – 743
  2. Tony Delk – 712
  3. Tayshaun Prince – 621


3-point Field Goal Percentage (min 150 attempts)

  1. Doron Lamb – 0.4752%
  2. Cameron Mills – 0.4737%
  3. Jamal Murray – 0.4079%



3-point field goals made

  1. Jodie Meeks- 117
  2. Jamal Murray – 113
  3. Travis Ford – 101


3-point field goals attempted

  1. Derrick Miller 298
  2. Jodie Meeks 288
  3. Jamal Murray 277


3-point field goal percentage (min 100 attempts)

  1. Travis Ford (1992-93) – 0.52%
  2. Doron Lamb (2010-11) – 0.48%
  3. Doron Lamb (2011-12) – 0.46%



3-point field goals made

  1. Jodie Meek at Tennessee – 10
  2. Eric Bledsoe vs ETSU – 9
  3. Jodie Meeks vs Appalachian State – 9
  4. Tony Delk vs TCU – 9

3-point field goals attempted

  1. Derrick Miller vs Kansas – 19
  2. Derrick Miller vs Tennessee Tech – 18
  3. Derrick Miller vs LSU – 16

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