Stephen Johnson and the Football Team Go Crazy Over Volleyball Win

Collage 2017-12-08 14_55_13


They did it again folks! The Kentucky women’s volleyball team wins again and are on their way to the Elite Eight. Although they were down 2-1 in a best of five game, the Comeback Cats rallied back yet again to defeat No. 13 ranked BYU.

The victory sends Kentucky to the Elite Eight for the first time since 1987 and is the first Elite Eight during the Craig Skinner era. Hopefully the Wildcats can go all the way and bring the national title home.

Now with all of Big Blue Nation behind the volleyball team, there was one group in particular that seemed to be cheering for the team on the loudest, the football team.

In a video taken by Kentucky’s quarterback Stephen Johnson, it seems to be that the whole team is watching the game from somewhere inside one of the football facilities. Once the women’s volleyball team secured the final point and achieved the victory, chaos just erupts in the background as the football team cheered on their fellow Cats.

Now in this day and age where some people tend to think that players don’t care about the school and only themselves, then look no further than this video. The whole team is thrilled to see their school succeed in a sport where a vast majority of them probably never played.

Go Cats!





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